Saturday, 7 January 2012

Kad kahwin comel dari artchetak

Salam to all readers and beautiful bride to be..

Actually miza dah buat entry ni sangat lama..but baru hari ni miza sempat nak post this entry..

miza came across this cute invitation card shop ni time miza tengah google pasal wedding card...korang tau ape miza cari hehe...gambar lukisan yang comel utk kad kahwin...sekali jumpa gambar ni...comel tak?

yes this is the thank you tag...but i fall in love with this cute cartoon

ye miza memang pantang tengok benda comel2 nih..jadi tak tentu arah rasanyer..

selain kad kahwin yang comel2..artchetak ni juga menyediakan perkhidmatan thank you tag..bunting..couple t-shirt..and now the latest one is the crochet...comel2..miza sangat suka crochet...

so if you are stuck on ideas on how you want your wedding card to look like, you can just visit them at their online shop

And surprisingly, the price is very very very affordable! Yes! Very! They have a few packages which are:

Essential 450 (check what you can get for RM450 here)
Essential 500 (check what you can get for RM500 here)
Silver 650 (check what you can get for RM650 here)
Silver 700 (check what you can get for RM700 here)

Now lets feast our eyes with some of their head-turner artwork.

jom tengok kad-kad kahwin yang ade...

sume miza suke...sebab cantik..tapi yang paling miza suka yang last sekali...heheh...simple yet cantik..=)

before miza lupa...they are now having their first ever online sale!

they are giving out 10% discount! Here are the terms & conditions;

  1. The sale is on until 29th February 2012.
  2. This promotion is applicable for S650 and S750 package only.
  3. You may choose ANY design from our previous works, not applicable for entirely new design. Minor changes, such as colour combo & simple layout re-arrangement are allowed (maximum of 3 changes).
  4. Deadline for collection/delivery is on 30th June 2012
  5. Not applicable with any other offers.
  6. Other T&C's are as stated in our booking form.
  7. Please forward all enquiries or questions to


Cik Azizah said...

miza dah macam promotion pulak..hehe tapi serius mmg cantik2 kad die..harga pon boleh tahan gak tu..muahaha^^^ nasib dah beli kad kawen....

mrs irmidrza to be said...

hahaha...macam promoter..adehhh...mizanak buat entry macam2 tapi tak sempat..huhu..=)

Sue.Mr.Faris said...

salam miza. tq sudi dtg blog & komen entry

so mcm mn dah decide nak amek artchetak ke? insyaAllah sgt puas hati :)

dhiera said...

seronok vendor2 ni dapat promo free.. thumb up miza~

bintanghati said...

hai miza .. nmpknye vendor kad kawen kite sama .. bru je ari selasa aritu g tempah kat artchetak kat kajang tu.. kite g tgk n pilih sendiri design nya ... well, hrp2 ok la nnt, sbb kad kite spesel skit, wlupn dh rmi yg buat ... hehehe.