Tuesday, 1 November 2011

purdah or face veil pengantin

Assalamualaikum wbt..

ok for today..i would like to tell about the niqab or purdah wearing during our wedding day..for those yang pakai purdah and for those yang teringin nak pakai purdah and also for those yang saja2 nak pakai sebab rasa cantik..

honestly..purdah or niqab wearing during our wedding day..is not to be wear off..sebab rasa cam janggal kalu tanggalkan..kononnye nak buat ala2 orang putih yang bukak veil pengantin dia..but it depends la to the bride..

i think woman who are wearing niqab or purdah is very beautiful..even only her eyes are exposed and can be seen..agreed with me?

heheh...but deep inside my heart...women who are wearing niqab are so gorgeous..believe me..

sebab at last we will be ask...what the niat of wearing those....just only an opinion..so for those yang nak pakai purdah or niqab after this..why not after this kita pakai smpai abis majlis...sebab you will be beautiful in front of the guest and others...and especially of course your husband's eyes..

so for my day...i'm thinking of how the purdah looks like..hmmm kalu nak pakai yang arab style..heh..habih kene balun ngan my mum and also my mak mentua to be..hehe..yela all the arab style are balck in colour..heheh..so tengah blogwalking and cari2 gambar yang menarik..terjumpa gambar kat bawah..so nice they are wearing purday on their DAY..

 credit to mrs.AGS for the picture..nice adik ipar die wearing the purdah

 yang ni sangat cantik..sweet..

nice and simple purdah

so anyone know how to tempah this purdah?? I've done my literature review..and terjumpala sorang dua yang yang pandai reka purdah dengan cantik..one of them is koleksi vispera.. so anyone yang pandai..can suggest to me...


Ann GreenStrawberry said...

Salam.. wah terselit gambar adik ipar AGS kat entry ni eh..hihi tQ dear...

Schaz said...

salam..i think purdah ni u blh diy dear..tampal lace n letak pearl pn cantik..sweet2 je..