Saturday, 25 February 2012

One Dream Veil Contest

Salam to all readers and beautiful bride to be..


napela mood skang sangat tak best utk blog?? why?? weyo?? hati ini bertanya2 dan mengapa ia terjadi...huhu...sorry girls..mood sangat tak best lately nih..hmm...

this entry just to show my thanx to Puan Fainie...sebab sudi ajak miza join contest one dream veil contest dia..=) thank you sis...miza sangat  appreciate..

hahah...bercakap pasal veil ni..berkali2 masuk contest veil ni..tak menang2..hahaha...rasa nak gelak pun ade Allah tahu2 jer and terasa di perli2 takyah la pakai benda2 ni semua...hahaha...

miza jenis yang kalu takder...memang jawabnyer..takderla miza pakai..heheh...i will wear something look nice and simple but still sedap la mata yang melihat..

mood tengah tak berangan nak jadi puteri cindarella puteri balqis tuh yang cam lemau je kan..heheh..

dah2..Puan Fainie kata...heheh..sis fainie cakap...jangan wat essay..hahaha...tapi miza dah separuh dah berceloteh..heheh..

ok2...staright to the point..

who wants to get your dream veil?? please put up ur hand??

simple jer...meh jom check ape sis fainie nyer arahan..heheh..

awal2 dah bagitau prize die...hehe..

An exclusive custom made veil as per your request.

Interested to join? It's so easy and simple...just klik gambar kat atas tu yer b2b sume..heheh..

  • Be her follower on Adria Cottage & ChintaAidaIskandar
  • Post a veil picture with a magic word. (That's mean, 1 picture and 1 word caption. No need an essay) (senang kan?? heheh...tapi bab caption tu yang lemah nih..eheh..nway miza dah letak pic kat bawah...nak tengok..jom!! )
  • Share with or tag a B2B 2012 and inform her about this
  • Drop a comment below to notify me, so i can visit u back
  • Didn't have blog? No worries, you may email me at

Competition conditions:
  • Brides and grooms who will get married in this year
  • Participation of the whole Malaysia are welcomed
  • Closing date for entries on 31 March 2012
  • Judgement is based on creativity and uniqueness.
  • All judges decisions are final

ok the picture and the caption...

simple is me...mine is always simple
because for me
“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.” 
yes she is so simple that day but very gorgeous!!!

sory sis...can this be the caption?? hehe...can rite?? heheh..
hehehe...mengade giler caption..huhu..hahaha..let's the picture talk to you ok!! 

ok miza tag all bride to be in malaysia
including you sis hazy