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19 Bridal Bouquet types - which Wedding Bouquet style is your favourite?

Salam to all readers and beautiful bride to be...

Malam ni internet sangatla lembap...

tengah semangat kobar2...time ni la die nak buat hal...haishh..

tapi soryy ya entry post sangat panjang berjela...

tapi takpela...mana yang ade...mana yang dan aje la miza masukkan ok..

ok miza nak share ngan korang sal hand bouquet...

ok korang kene teruskan pembacaan nak tahu nape miza letak benda ni awal2 entry..heheh...sian korang kan..

June Birth Flower - Rose
The Rose is the birth flower of June and is rich with history and meaning, no other bloom is as evocative.
With over a hundred species of wild roses available, they symbolise love and passion. However, the flower meanings change according to the colour and number of stems in a bouquet, expressing a secret language of love.
The Greeks regarded the rose as the flower of passion. They believed that Aphrodite the goddess of love gave a rose to her son, Eros the god of love.
Rose passion, I love you
Pink: please believe me
Light Pink: admiration, sympathy
White: innocence, purity
Orange: you are my secret love
Yellow: jealousy, infidelity
Burgundy: beauty
Blue: mystery
Green: calm
Purple: protection
Its Element: Air
Flower meaning of Rose: symbol of beauty and love, admiration, secret love, passion, mystery.

September Birth Flower - Aster
The aster is the birth flower of September. It is closely related to the Chrysanthemum, from the family asteraceae with over 600 species. Aster is the Greek word for 'star' and refers to the star shape of the flower head. In ancient times, it was believed burning the leaves gave special powers, as the scent would drive away evil. The aster flower symbolises afterthought and was laid on the graves of soldiers.
The aster is available in a variety of colours: white, lilac, pink, mauve, red.
Its Element: Earth
Flower meaning of Aster: symbol of love, daintiness, contentment, unpredictability.

kenapa bulan jun dan september?? sebab bulan jun ngan september adalah hari lahir kami berdua..hehe..

ok sekarang miza nak cerita sejarah asal-usul kejadian HB ni..hehe..

apekah itu HB??

siyes first time berkecimpung dalam dunia blog b2b ni..pening pale nak translate apela shortform2 ni sume..

yang best sekali ialah HB??

dalam hati kata...apela HB ni..

husband to be ke??

tapi mesti ade HTB..kahkah...memang kolot la miza ni ngan shortform2 ni..

pikir2...lepas dah google sane sini...baru la tahu handbouquet equal to bunga tangan..

pastu bile dalam gp..ade plak...FMIL and yang seangkatan dengannye...hahah..miza tahu ni je...future mother in law..adehh jakun sekejap..yang lain silalah beri kamus pada miza nnt ok!! heheh..

ok dah2 ni kiter citer lain kali plak ok...

ok miza nak citer history of the handbouquet...

bride HB dipercayai di gunakan pada 14th century ..dikatakan pada time tuh the woman who caught the hand bouquet was thought the one who would marry dalam filem2 inggeris kiter tengok...dorang akan baling2 HB tu...sape girls yang dapat HB tu kononya akan berkahwin selepas itu..

tapi itu dkt eropah..kat malaysia..miza tak jumpa history of HB...orang zaman dulu2..nenek2 kiter mana pakai bnda ni...

kalu tanya dorang...mesti dorang kata 

apo dia??hanbuqey?? hahah...confirm tak tahu menda alah apela ni kan...

so orang2 inggeris ni percaya bunga yang bride tu pegang adalah tumbuhan yang berbau harum (of course la kan??) haha gelak dorang percaya the fragrance scent ni ade magic yang akan menghalau kejahatan,bad luck dan penyakit2...adehhh..sudah mula daku tidak percaya kesahihannya...tapi takpela baca je la tuk info...jgn percaya lak ok!! bnda ni sume kuasa allah ok!! takde magis2 nya..

pastu orang inggeris dekat roman and greek ni plak percaya bunga yang di pin kan di rambut bride adalah simbol kehidupan dan kesuburan...

itu moyang2 orang inggerisnyer punya kepercayaan fades melayu kiter la...lama2 dah tak der nak caya bnda yang pelik2...

so bile dah modern...dorang just buat HB ni as a wedding decoration jer instead of menghalau2 evil and bad fortune ni..dorang just nak show the affection love to their partner je...not more than that...

and kalu korang nak tahu sebenarnyer...setiap bulan ade bunga yang sesuai tuk kiter..nak tengok website die meh..klik sini ( ok ni lagi satu kepercayaan...jgnla percaya sgt ok just nak sajer2 amik info...boleh...silakan...leh tambah general knowledge kiter..hahah)

and satu lagi setiap bentuk badan ade HB yang sesuai tuk kiter..sila la ke sini utk tahu lebih lanjut...
belek punya belek...and seteleh diconfiuskan oleh website ini... ape miza nyer bentuk badan ekk...hahaha..leh tak??

hahah..last2 tanya mama and jawapannyer...semua jenis HB miza sesuai..huuu..legaaa...senang cerita tak yah nak pkir jenis bentuk camner lak nak kan...buta tambah kerunsingan..hahah...

ade 19 betuk sumenye...and miza tak larat nak translate english ke korang leh la terjah website ni...tapi miza buang satu sebab jenis buku die sebut sal buku agama die yang tak bape nak menarik letak kat blog miza...

ni miza copy paste pada yang rase2 malas nak klik..sebab miza pun gitu gak..nak baca...buka je la satu malas buke banyak2...sat gi hang laptop ku..

ok jom tengok2 usha2 ok korang...

The Posy Bouquet

posy bouquet - bridal bouquetsThe posy is round and small and can easily be held in one hand. There are two styles of posy bouquets, one can be loose, hand tied and unstructured, the other formal and wired, the stems of the flowers are removed and replaced with florists wire, constructed into a much lighter posy with and easy to hold handle.

These two styles are widely used where the natural stems are wrapped in a beautiful satin, velvet or organza ribbon and some embellished with pearl pins and beading trims.

The Nosegay Bouquet

nosegay bouquet - bridal bouquetsTraditionally the nosegay was a small round shaped bunch of flowers and herbs, often containing more greenery than other bouquets and mounted in a tussie-mussie (a small, Victorian style, metal or glass, cone-shaped holder).

It came back in fashion in the 1980's as a tight posy of small flowers with a stiff tulle backing. It was very popular with flowergirls and bridesmaids. In modern times it has been revived and reinvented with additions of lovely satin and organza ribbons and larger floral arrangements.

The Tussy-Mussy

tussy-mussy bouquet - bridal bouquetsThe tussy mussy first appeared in France during the eighteenth century. A nosegay bouquet in a small metal hand-held vase. Some have attached ring chains for easy carrying.

They were used primarily during the Victorian Era and considered art forms as each one was unique. The vase or cone could be made from pewter, cobalt glass, silver, gold, porcelain, plastic and even beaded.

You have the option of tying lace and ribbons to the tussy mussy to dress it up. Today, the tussy mussy elegantly displays the bouquets on your reception table during the wedding festivities, and then serves as a lovely keepsake for the bride and bridesmaids.

The Biedermeier Bouquet

biedermeier bouquet - bridal bouquetsThe biedermeier bouquet is European-influenced. The blooms are tightly-structured and carefully-arranged in defined circular patterns of different coloured flowers, each ring containing one type of flower.

Originating in Switzerland in the late 1800's, often orange and lemon peels were added for extra frangrance. A bouquet similar to the nosegay and named for a German style of interior design. The biedermeier has a very pleasing geometry and is recently showing signs of popularity again due to its dramatic beauty and contrast.

The Arm Sheaf Bouquet or Presentation Bouquet

arm sheaf bouquet, arm bouquet, presentation bouquet - bridal bouquetsThe arm sheaf bouquet first became popular in the early 1900's under the name of Bernhardt bouquets; inspired by the presentation bouquets given to the actress of the day, Sarah Bernhardt. They are long stemmed flowers and foliages that the bride carries cradled in her arm, also known as a presentation bouquet.

It is a stunning alternative to more traditional styles of bouquets, it is very chic, and best suited to modern style weddings. Tastefully designed to be cradled in the bride's arm and can be as simple or as elaborate as she likes.

They can be single-ended, with stems showing at one end, or double-ended with no stems showing. A gorgeous ribbon provides the finishing touch. Popular floral choices for arm bouquets are calla lilies, gladiolus, orchids, long-stemmed roses, delphiniums, and larkspur.

The Composite-Flower Bouquet

composite flower bouquet - bridal bouquetThe composite-flower bouquet dates from the early 20th century, mostly used for brides with an unlimited budget. This bouquet is a variation of the round bouquet.

A flower constructed of hundreds of real petals wired together to look like one enormous flower. This style is simplistic in design, but graceful and elegant. It works well in more intimate, sophisticated weddings.

Although featured recently in high fashion magazines, this specialised and time-consuming technique is yet to regain its former popularity. However, a single large daisy stands alone with its striking colour, adding the finishing touches of satin or organza ribbons to bring out it natural beauty. Perfect for the bride who loves simplicity.

The Fan Bouquet

fan bouuqet - bridal bouquetsThe fan bouquet, is a simple bouquet of flowers attached to a lacy plastic fan. Popular in the late eighties, they were embellished with carnations, baby's breath and plenty of ribbon.

This style of bouquet is reminiscent of the Victorian Era, and is popular for old-fashioned, vintage style or Asian-inspired weddings. Perfect for brides who want something a little different.

The Crescent Bouquet

cresent bouquet - bridal bouquetThe crescent bouquet appears in the shape of a quarter moon, a soft arch, using distinguished flowers with definite shapes, often orchids, wired together to form a slender handle that you can hold in one hand. These bouquets are true floral art and an individualist representation of the bride's personality. This style is perfect for sophisticated and contemporary weddings.

Flowers are usually tapered and extended at each end while the center is more compact. It can be symmetrical or not, the left and right side of the bouquet is seen flowing down and has only one trailing stem. This style of bouquet is best carried below the waist to show off its unique beauty.

The Muff Bouquet

muff bouquet - bridal bouquetsThe Muff bouquet was very popular in Europe and was created in the early centuries and borne out of neccessity.

In mid winter, the bride's hands would sit into the muff, a lovely corsage-shaped bouquet attached at the front. Unusual and unique, a perfect choice for a winter wedding.

This bouquet is lovely with long evening gloves.

Shower bouquet or Cascading Bouquet

shower bouquet, cascading bouquet, trail bouquet, tear drop bouqueet - bridal bouquetsThe cascading bouquets were originally referred to as shower bouquets. Also known as a teardrop bouquet or trail bouquet. These replaced the fashion of posies around the time of 1910. This style became exaggerated by 1920, with much larger bouquets, so large they almost concealed the bride. They reached their peak from 1920 - 1930's until WWII.

The Cascading bouquet, which is the most formal and most traditional of bouquets, is designed to spill gracefully over the bride's hands as it flows downward for a sophisticated and stylized look, almost any flower can be used in this style.

The bouquet is roundish at the top but pointy at the bottom. The traditional shower bouquet is known as the large multi-trail bouquet, subsequently renamed the princess in honour of the late Princess Diana and her impressive bridal bouquet. The modern smaller version is called the teardrop bouquet or trail bouquet.

The Pomander Bouquet or Kissing Ball

pomander bouquet, kissing ball bouquet - bridal bouquetsThe pomander bouquet is also known as a kissing ball. A pomander is a ball of flowers suspended from a loop of decorative ribbon.

Adult attendants can carry pomanders, but young attendants such as flower girls and junior bridesmaids most often carry them.

The Wreath or Flower Hoop Bouquet

hand tied bouquet, loose tied bouquet, clutch bouquet - bridal bouquetsThe hand-tied bouquet is a loose-tied arrangement. These hand tied styles are also referred to as clutch bouquets.

This type of bouquet consists of a simple gathering of flowers, bound and tied with ribbon with stems left exposed. Queen Anne's lace, phlox and cosmos are magnificent examples of this style.

This is a beautiful choice for an outdoor wedding with that just picked from the garden look. It is arranged in a looser manner with the stems left longer and a large ribbon or exotic fabric tied together.

The Wrist Bouquet or Flower Bracelet Bouquet

wrist bouquet, flower bracelet bouquet - bridal bouquetsA wrist bouquet or flower bracelet is a small flower bouquet worn on the wrist. More corsage than bouquet, this style is comprised of a small floral arrangement. Flowers and foliage are mounted on a small base attached to a strong elastic bracelet fitted around the wrist.

A great alternative to a traditional bouquet. Worn by brides and bridesmaids who want the look of a bouquet, but want the freedom of having their hands free. The wrist corsage can be made in any combination of flowers and is occasionally complimented with ribbons and beads.

The Ballerina Bouquet

ballerina bouquet - bridal bouquetsThe ballerina bouquet, is a round bouquet composed of masses of tulle or net and few flowers. This type of bouquet was popular in the early 1940s when flowers were scarce due to World War II.

For modern brides, a ballerina bouquet offers a cost-effective, yet beautiful solution for a tight floral budget.

The Basket Bouquet

flowergirl basket bouquet - bridal bouquetsThe basket bouquet has flowers arranged in a beautifully shaped shallow basket and is usually and more often used in a garden or garden-like wedding setting.

The basket bouquet may be carried by the bride, but are most popular with and often carried by flower girls and junior bridesmaids.

The small basket keeps their little hands occupied and out of mischief.

The Scepter Bouquet

skepter bouquet - bridal bouquetsThe scepter bouquet gives a dramatic accent to your wedding day, it takes the shape of an over-sized wand.

The handles are extra long, entwined with ribbon, cording, ornaments etc.

The scepter bouquets are suitable for any wedding occasion and may be carried by any member of the wedding party.

The Cone Bouquet

cone bouquet - bridal bouquetsThe cone bouquet, as the name implies, forms a cone shape. This style bouquet works best for bridesmaids and flower girls.

Depending upon the flowers and foliage selected, this bouquet will compliment any casual or formal event.

nak cakap soal apakah pilihan HB miza...miza dah pernah post entry..klik sini kalu nak tahu bunga kesukaan miza...and sekarang ni tengah sangat kemaruk ngan rose...

okla sambung lagi tentang HB esok ok...=)


hanys said...

Rose merah is favourite! Masuk ngan sume color...:-)

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saya vote posy roses! yg simple2 jer... combination kaler n combination bentuk bunga2 yg menaikkan seri kan? tq for the info.. sy pun baru tau singkatan hb tu utk hand bouq :D