Monday, 23 April 2012

Wedding,fashion trend and islamic perspective...

Salam to all readers and beautiful bride to be..

hoping all the readers ceria and hepi miza in peadiatirc could be enjoyed or vice versa...since all the professors in this posting heheh..almaklumlah sebab kita berdepan ngan anak maybe tegas skit...hehe...

takde kaitan pun benda yang miza nak cerita..

i think jumaat lepas rasenye..miza blogwalking and google2 cari fesyen2 baju and tudung nikah yang cantik2..soryy i have to say this..maybe i'm not the right person to talk about this...but still we are muslim yang allah kata...we have to sama2 mengingatkan each other..


ape ade ngan fashion???

Something that is now, dictated by the capitalists - mass produced items to basically generate income. Fashion is something that is never static, for the gold post shifts from time to time. It’s something that is subjected by what is 'popular'. The media then is an influential medium and tool that determines the 'popularity' of a fashion item through repeated and constant bombardment of subjective messages via the use of advertisements and through often impactful pictures that entices a person’s emotion when watching or looking at it.

i know when someone read it...think that miza ni kolot...itulah fesyen kan..trend dan masa kini..

i dont say fesyen tu tak boleh...yes you can...but you have to think twice..whether die tepati syarak???

hahah..ok dah cam ustazah lak...miza tahu kalu miza cakap...of course ramai kata...kubur sendiri2..jangan nak jaga tepi kain orang...well you can say that much to me...and really if you say so...i will pray for you...supaya allah bukakan hati kamu untuk lebih dekat dengan allah..

to be honest..

I was a fashion slave, well,dulu miza sangat suke ikut trend..orang pakai camtuh..miza pun akan try..but still orang kata pakai tudungla...but tapi tak ikut syarak...ypu get what i mean? bertudung tapi tak labuh..still orang kata nampak bentuk badan which is not right....and for means "thin, white, blonde". I bought whatever that is 'popular', I wanted to be seen as ’cool’ and wanted to be in' with the crowd. .It was almost like I didn't have a choice BUT to just follow whatever was in the fashion magazines. I didn’t want to b left behind nor did I want to stand out like a sore thumb. Fashion was dictated by those in the fashion industry and at that time, it was basically a copy cat of the fashion trend in the West mainly the Hollywood popular culture. It still is until today. To be 'modern' is equivalent to wear what the Hollywood stars wear. :)

then i one day miza berdetik...i realized my self...why i have to buy so called fashion ni..and really i'm asking myself...utk siapa? utk diri sendiri or orang lain...
of course...utk orang tengok kita i right?? supaya orang nampak kita cantik...

i know setakat ni ramai readers yang akan ohhh...please...huhu..nway...soryy girls..miza tak mahu kita hawa jadi pembara nafsu adam di luar sana...percayalah...adam lebih mencari yang tutup dari yang terbuka..

tanya la pada ayah kita sendiri...sebab takde satu ayah pun kat dunia yang suka kita merana....jangan tanya pada pakwe...sebab jawapan die...i suke u called pakwe yang i.allah miza jamin tak akan bawa manfaat pada kita di akhirat kelak..

seorang suami yang soleh dan betul2 menjaga kita...dia takkan beri adam lain melihat kecantikkan isterinya..percayalah kata2 ini...sebab suami yang soleh takkan membiarkan keluarganya di jilat api neraka yang panas membara...

miza tak tahu..tapi ini hanyala pengalaman miza..yang sentiasa mencari be honest miza pernah segala jenis tudung yang ade kat jalan tar tu...but somehow..entahla...i feel its not me...rasa cam...kosong..


i found emptiness, despite the so called 'physical beauty' i apparently possess .. however, i didn’t really 'feel' beautiful. I had very low self esteem and i had to cover that up with 'make up' or attract attention by very 'revealing' clothes that i wear. I was respected for my beauty.... nothing else. That scared me. Yet I know im worth more than just my physical beauty. Why did i have to expose myself to get people 'looking' or talking about me? That started the journey to really 'study' this faith that i was born into yet i took it for granted. A faith that didn't emphasize on physical beauty but the inner beauty of a person.

Al-quran pernah mentions 7:26 that the garment of righteousness is the best garment to be adorned.

"Righteousness" is a concept that wasn't given much attention particularly in the fashion world. I believe that my faith forces us to expose a civilized beauty that is distinctive rather than instinctive. A beauty from within that although seem to be covered yet radiates from a person in ways that are unexplainable.

Ironically I felt so much more freedom being 'covered' rather than when I 'exposed' myself. It was really enlightening, and I was overwhelmed by a feeling of liberation and independence that i have never felt before. I felt so much more in control of myself. In a way I am forcing the other person to judge me by what I have to offer, the person i am on the INSIDE, not out. I feel liberated that I was no longer a fashion slave. I can turn a magazine page without the pressure to buy. "Popular trends" were no longer in my dictionary.

I started to focus on my intellect and talent rather than my cleavage or sexy body. It’s my character that matters, not the garment nor the physical body... Modesty is the key factor in anything i wear, it also transcends in my attitude and thinking. I basically externalized my faith through my physical appearance.

there is one feeling that i cant explain..but you yourself have to experience...when we are covered by the will safe..dalam erti kata lain...menutup aurat dengan cara yang islamiah itu sangat berbeza..

berbeza...kalu dulu miza keluar...seluar dan blouse and tudung bawal yang jarang 45' inci trend masa memang kita bukanlah alien yang datang dari angkasa..tapi miza rasa tak ade sesuatu yang kurang...but when i'm changed..keluar dalam berbaju kurung or jubah...tudung 55' dan agak tebal...i feel alhamdullilah...seperti selamat..

people will respect you...takder lagi orang laki kat tepi jalan yang berani mengusik...sebab percayalah adam ni sifatnya kalu kita menjaga...mereka akan hormat...and when i'm asking to my brothers and father...yes they admit...itulah sifat adam...mereka takut dan malu utk mendekati perempuan yang menutup aurat..

ade yang bertanya miza...macam mana kalu pakai tudung tapi still buat dosa?

ok soalan yang miza selalu dpt..hmmm oh sayangku...manusia tidak pernh lari dari kesilapan..janganlah kita memandang kesilapan orang..tapi pandangla yang baik padanya...dosa itu..antara dia dan allah..tapi percayalah kalu kita dah tutup segalanya...we never dare to do dosa...malu...pada miza..

i believe people akan marah kalu kita cakap...berjubah tapi nampak bentuk badan...bertudung tapi nampak leher...tapi itu bukan islam sayang...islam mengajar kita menutup segalanya...hanya tapak tangan dan muka saja yang boleh kita exposed...

your bentuk badan its not for others to see...

cam artis2 yang dah pakai tudung..syukur allah beri hidayah pada mereka...but still miza rasa..they have to show how true cara pemakaian islam...

nak berpurdah..huhu..miza pun masih menyimpan cita2..sampai sekarang masih belum kuat utk memakainya..tapi percayalah..allah still akan tolong kalu kita nak berubah kearah kebaikan..

fesyen skang...miza tengok..semua dah pakai tudung..elokla kan..tapi skit je kene betul kan lagi...sangat cantik lagi kalu dorang perbetulkan cara pemakaian mereka..

ast but not least i'm no one to give talk and tazkirah here...but just for us to remind is a just fashion yang mana one day it will fade away...but tetapi aurat kita adalah satu amanah yang kita pegang...dan akan disoal di akhirat kelak...

utk cantik di hari bahagia tidak salah..we can be the most gorgeous bride in the world but just for the groom utk menatapnyer..


miszatie said...

sangat stuju dear...:)

Nurul Mohammed said...

love this post! i also am trying to perbetulkan diri but as u say,it is not an easy task... sama2 kita doa untuk dpt kekuatan menuju ke arah kebaikan :)

The Junetastic Brides said...

thank you for sharing this. I myself belum bertudung lagi but I have strong will to start very soon, insya Allah.

bride #1

nuha hayati said...

miza, nuha skip2 jgk bace entry ni sbb panjang. hehe. but i got ur point. tq for the sweet reminder :)

DianaSafri said...

Like Like Like this post..

Saya pon pk pkre yg sama tp xtau cmne nk bsuara..

akhirnya u did it..


mrs irmidrza to be said...

miszatie : welcome dear..

nurul : i.allah selalu bila kita nak perbetulkan dan perbaiki pasti ade jalan yang allah tunjuk..dont worry..

bride #1 : miza doakan awak selalu dear..

nuha : hehe...its ok long as u get the mesage

diana : thank you sayang for liking this post very much..takder kekuatan juga..tapi rasa sedih bila ramai yang tak tahu...=))